Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Do you think I really am Harry Potter?"

Marian asked me after staring at herself in the hall mirror for a rather long period of time. "What do you think?" "No...(reluctantly)." "I agree: no." "Well, then, why do we both have curly hair?" (Marian! How have you not noticed that he has spiky black hair that won't lie flat, just like his father's? Have you not read all of the books twice at least, like the other speaking members of your family?! Just because Daniel Radcliffe didn't grow up to look just like Harry...)
When she asked if Reuben should have a lightning scar, too (she was at a carnival party this morning), I said: "Yes, but hurry and go get a marker before I change my mind!"

Her practice flash was much neater, but she found that a squirmy baby is a difficult target.

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