Sunday, August 30, 2009

back to school

Like a good chunk of the mommy blogosphere, I got hooked on nienie dialogues (and cjanerun) last summer. Nienie documented very lovely, feminine mommy wonderful things like back to school feasts and yearly silhouettes of her children and then she fought for her life for a year and the world rallied around her and now she still reaches for loveliness. See here what she did this year. And another year. She's a girl who definitely does fancy.

I don't. The domestic arts are suffering around these parts.

But I love my so-big goates girls and even though I am out of sugar and butter and flour and milk and nearly eggs, even (I'm not exaggerating; I have a difficult relationship with food lately), I did have tater tots in the freezer and it was time for celebrating.
So we feasted on those. Plus some bonus chicken fingers and fresh cukes and tomatoes and thyme from our garden. Oh, yeah, and bonus dippers. One is even a recipe dipper because I am fancy that way.
My crowns were quickies and the poems obviously on-the-fly. And the photo is bad because our fancy "table" was the old red rug in our multi-purposed basement because we watched HP2 while we ate because that is what they were doing when I thought of it all and the light isn't so hot down there (and the models were oh-so-reluctant).

But afterwards we, too, took the time for father's blessings for the start of a new school year. Audrey sat very solemnly for hers, and Marian fidgeted and played with her bracelet, and was peeking at me when I peeked at her. Their daddy, he loves them so. Me, too.

Life's great moments are not always willing to be staged.

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