Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I just marched my suitcases and bags to 3South and
There are sick kids there!

It will be much harder to stay in cheerful denial here.


vimahi said...

Val - -
You are an inspiration to me!!! What strength!!! We all agree you've had your share but you're so strong. Others would never make it. Reuben will fly through this and be cancer free soon. Our prayers are with you. I love you - - em

sallyavena said...

Keep us posted and stay strong!

Lisa Cline said...

Valerie, your writing is an inspiration, and something that saved me during my own son's illness....if your inclined, I can send you some stuff I wrote during those dark days. Seeing little sick kids is sad, but the courage and bravery of the littlest souls is so incredibly, heartbreakingly beautiful to behold. Enjoy your weekend with your little lovlies....hope to see you soon.