Monday, May 25, 2009

good things

Also, there's this in our favor:

US News & World Report, Best Children's Hospitals: Cancer

more CHOP details
Parents Magazine keeps ranking our favorite hospital #1, too (read here).


nweames said...

Love that kind of info! Then you know that it isn't just you that thinks they are great it is everyone.

Braden said...

Thank heavens for small blessings and tender mercies.

Greg said...

Don't know if you care: a full treatment would typically be a course, that would consist of several cycles each given several weeks apart. Each cycle would consist of one or several doses of one or multiple medication(s). Depending on the regimen what is called a "cycle" is fairly arbitrary. If you give continuous chemo then you pick some nice round number like: 3 or 4 weeks and call that a cycle. In Reuben's case I presume they would call one stay in the hospital a cycle, which would consist of 3 doses of ifos and 2 adria, (plus Mesna? and dex?) next cycle in 3-4 weeks depending on counts. You guys are in our prayers.