Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"...write your fears in here, my dear..."

Favorite etsy find lately: Nightmare Snatchers by The Spiderbite Boutique. Journals. I found them when I was peeking at a favorite customer's feedback. An excellent way to ferret out good etsy finds: from people whose taste I already approve of ;).

Sarah Jane, creator, is a RISD Illustration grad. Each comes with a perfect poem on the title page, written by her father. Which I love (the poem & the situation & with RISD envy).

The girls and I (Nathan is out of town defending his dissertation!!) had a little evening lesson/devotional on fear and love last night. I gave them this assignment, which went so well I should try it again: while I made dinner, Audrey looked up scriptures on fear, and Marian wrote them down. After dinner, I presented Snatchers Lomper & Lumpkin and we talked together about all of the emotions surrounding us while Marian prepares for her bone marrow transplant and Audrey prepares to be her donor, and that each is important and trying to tell us something. The girls made their first book entries about one of their fears, then we sang a song about love. We read the scriptures, and I added one of my own, from 1st John, "Perfect love casteth out fear." We talked about each one and how it might apply to our situation, and how the love we have in our family and from our supportive friends and extended family and the love we have for and from God will help us work through our fear. We're counting on it! And it's worked so far....

Why didn't I buy one for myself?


The McKellars said...

Do you suggest any good books? We're getting ready to go to Utah in a few days and I need a good book for the flight. With Danelle who knows how long i'll have to read, but she may sleep the whole flight too! :) One can always dream!

Snippety Gibbet said...

I got my Superstar tee, button, and ceramic vase yesterday. So exciting!!! When life gets back to normal around your studio, I hope you will make more of the tiny bud vases. I want to give them as new Mom gifts. Precious!