Monday, March 10, 2008

paper dolls

I am on a paper doll quest for my daughter's impending hospital stay, and wanted to share my favorite internet finds. There are lots out there, but I wanted black-and-white only so we could color our own.

sweet drawn foxes, Zelda & Ivy, based on the book by Laura Kvasnosky

Jan Brett's Hedgie & Hedga: c'mon, a hedgehog mermaid costume!?

I also liked the paper doll templates from Judy Johnson, available here. 2 color dolls that printed okay in b&w, with lots of collars & cuffs as well as templates to make dresses from patterned paper to go with them. I printed them 1/2 size, because that's my general life theme. The site is all paper dolls, if you're an enthusiast.

And one from this month's issue of small magazine, in small draw, by illustrator Catherine Campbell.

edit: I wanted to add these links from a smartie commenter, because they are f-i-n-e. Thank you!:


Crystal said...

You might already have these links for paperdolls, but just in case, here are a couple good ones: She has a ton of them! And here's another one: Maybe you'll find something you like!

vfg said...

Really fantastic finds.

I don't have a color printer, except a little photo one, but will have to beg a friend...

I've seen the marilee site, but the tpettit is new to me. And I'm rather tickled with it.

Thank you for sharing.