Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Several bad pictures were taken in low light of the cake portion of my little birthday celebration. 34! I cannot post them, but a small crop is necessary because I have a hedgehog celebration candle kid and I got to use it for me :). Plus a peek of my "short" hair, because Sally asked :).

And the Bavarian Chocolate Cream Torte was divine.


sallyavena said...

Happy Birthday! That's not short hair I see. Is that a self-made birthday cake from your recipe? One of my favorites!

vfg said...

yes, indeedy.

ahs said...

i've had that cake! you so ambitiously made it with the Activity Day girls. YUM!!! Happy 34th! You are the only woman to whom it is not an insult to say, "You are only 34?" because you seem so much wiser than your years. although your face would indicate otherwise. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!