Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Sheesh--so much for more posting! It's been busy here. My daughter Marian was scheduled to enter the hospital today for preparatory chemo for her upcoming bone marrow transplant, which entails both (1) frantic preparations for a couple of months living out-of-town and (2) crippling anxiety. But a wee fever has pushed everything back a week and suddenly I have breathing room. So:

TA DA!! Celebrating my 400th etsy sale, a number that has FAR exceeded my expectations for my very small-scale, so-detailed operation, a giveaway. A little past the 400 mark, actually.

Thanks for your support! Comment on this post, and I'll randomly select one entrant on Friday night (let's say at 5 pm ET) to ship Saturday morning (if I get an address in time) before all of the drama starts afresh next week.

Here's how I would describe this cake stand if I were to list it:

I have found that I need less dessert if I can eat it splendidly. Ice cream in tiny bowls with my now-34-year-old baby spoon. Tiny cookies on dainty plates. (yet, if just still-in-the 9x13, even with a nice red dishtowel, 1/2 a pan of brownies can be breakfast lunch) I think a single cupcake each would suffice on this pretty vine-laden cupcake stand. My other cupcake stands have room for just one, but this 7" diameter holds enough to play hostess. White porcelain fired to cone 8; food-, dishwasher-, and microwave-safe glaze (though I can't really think why...maybe to heat a muffin?), but pottery always appreciates some TLC. [Admittedly inspired by my first thesmallobject purchase, a "celebration candle kid" in hedgehog red that I adore]

The top is glossy white, but the base is unglazed porcelain, with shiny green leaves and vine. I re-glazed after I took the above photos, so the leaves are greener now. Or maybe that's just because it is now officially spring :).


Emskyrooney said...

I hope Marian gets over her fever quickly and that her chemo goes as scheduled!

What a beautiful little cake stand- just perfect to hold a special cupcake... (or 2 or 3)

Snippety Gibbet said...

I'm glad that you all feel some amount of relief with the delay. And that gives me an extra week to figure out a good location for a photo with my Superstar tee.....since I haven't done that yet. = )
Congrats on sale #400. Woohoo! It's nice to know that people love your work.

Crystal said...

Congratulations on 400! That is so wonderful! Let Marian know that Dot and Mae will keep her in their prayers! (oh, and the cupcakes looks scrumptious!) :D

mamalyssa said...

glad wishes on the success of your etsy shop, but mostly, big love and prayers for your super star, Marion. I'm really touched by her work and her smile.

Christine Xavier said...

I am grateful for your show and tell at Mindy's so I could see the cupcake stand in person.

We're praying for Marian, Audrey and your whole family!

P.S.- I was bragging to my friend who is a pottery major about you today. You are pretty much the bomb.com!

vfg said...

crystal: do you recognize the lemon meringue cupcakes that dot & mae introduced me to? So delicious that I promptly made them again!

Thanks for your good wishes, all.

nyjlm said...

congrats on 400 sales!
Thinking many good thoughts for Marian and Audrey, and all of you. I am going to pack the kids' superstar tees for our trip. I'm also hoping to get some cards and jokes in the mail for her before we leave on Friday night.

Scott said...

Congratulations on the milestone! Your talents are truly inspiring. You are in our prayers for a safe and speedy journey.
Love to you all,
Scott & Cynthia

sallyavena said...

Wow, you are popular. I checked an hour ago with no time to leave a comment and there were only 3 at the time.
You are in our prayers! Hugs to Audrey and Marian. I think Sophia has taken it on herself to decorate her whole room, so we have many pictures to send to you.

kathi d said...

I am not a bit surprised by your success! You know how much I love your work. Marian will be floating on everyone's prayers and good wishes when she enters the hospital (as will your whole family). She seems like such a happy girl in spite of her challenges--we can all learn from her!

Carol said...

Valerie, Your pottery (especially the bird baths!!) has such a special place in our home, and I feel as though Marian has a special place in the hearts of SO many. I'm glad to see a new post on your blog...was concerned that maybe something had gone wrong. I'm preparing a card to send Marian at CHOP. She's an inspiration!


vimahi said...

I sent an email yesterday - -
Let me know when the chemo starts.

Good luck you're in our prayers.
PS I want to win your drawing

Anonymous said...

I hope Marion is feeling better & everything goes as planned next week!! Also wondering...if we go ahead & send cards for Marion, do they hold them till she is there or do we need to time it better?

I absolutely love your cake stand!! You have such neat ideas.:)

Ruth (Felicite & Cassidy's mom)
P.S. Since I am such a lurker on your blog, I guess I should share mine...www.xanga.com/LittleHouseMommy/ I do have xanga lock on, so you have to be signed in to view it - it doesn't take long to sign up though. It's not nearly as interesting as yours!

vfg said...

thanks, Ruth. Will definitely check it out :)

And I'm pretty sure they'll hold cards; we're known there. I think I'll make a phone call today to make sure, though.

mm said...

My Tshirt etc arrived here in Pittsburgh and I've been wearing it proudly! You all are in our prayers.
:) Happy 400th!

The McKellars said...

Love the cakestand! Let me know if you need anything this week especially!!!

CraftyAnna said...

I hope everything goes smoothly for Marian. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

I love the cupcake stand! Well, actually I love all of your work! Congrats on 400!

Leslie said...

WOW! 400! Congratulations! I've drooled over your cupcake stands for months and would love to send this to my daughter, Beth, in Chicago, who has a major cupcake addiction!

And to my little friend Marian who has the BIGGEST heart I know, I hope you feel better soon so you get all this "yucky stuff" out of the way and get back to making those super awesome crafts. BTW, my friend Maggie LOVED LOVED LOVED her hamster play set. It made her day.

Much love,
Leslie and Nora the Pug xo

lee said...

I have admired your etsy shop for a while now. So many great things! And I love your tableware pieces you shared on your blog. I'm just an Internet stranger, but I'm sending love and prayers your way for your sweet superstar family. Wishing you all the best!

Anne Marie said...

Valerie, your cake stand is SOOOOO Cute. We got the Superstar t-shirt and we are thinking of a great place to take our picture.

It is wonderful to see Marian smiling. She looks so cute in her new hairdo. We did a fast for her and your family. We hope everything will go smoothly.

I am so excited that I can show off all your ceramics craft here at my house. Emmy loves picking a tiny flowers and I she loves to put them in the mini flower vase. Take care and keep us posted with Marian's condition, Audrey, you and Nathan.