Tuesday, March 11, 2008

good girls

Superstar tees finally arrived today, just in time for our first "event": the girls' youth group at our church, all fans of Marian, helped us assemble kits and decorate bags for Caitlin's Smiles. I liked seeing the contagious spirit: one girl's volleyball team is raising money for project superstar & they're going to wear their superstar tees as their spring football uniforms (a spring event against the boys--also ordering superstar tees in a different color--that may turn into a fundraiser for Marian's work, too).

The pretty little blonde braids girl is mine :). And some of the bag artwork was amazing.

Friday afternoon we have another planned at the girls' school. Our responses so far have been so sweet: like finding that the tough guy in A's class prays for them every night with his mother.... it's a good world, my friends. A very good world.

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