Sunday, December 9, 2007

snow! inside and out

Our school district likes to do this fun thing and let the kids out of school 2 hours early if it snows during the day. If they're trying to say the roads will actually be better at 12:45 than at 2:45 or that this will somehow be more convenient for parents, they are ridiculous. If they just want to let the kids play in the lovely white stuff, then they're very wise.

We were able to snag a friend to come home and enjoy it with us, and after
came the indoor snowflakes.

Eagerly beginning
and the mom-is-tired of folding for you end After which they set out into the backyard again! (they were joined by Nathan/dad, who likes to enjoy the snow on his cross bike, like this. He's crazy.)Marian brought her two favorites to school and offered my snowflake services up to her teacher for the next day's "Creative Activities" hour. And so I came! It was fun with dozens of kids, too.

**My great snowflake innovation is to use tissue paper: though the finished result isn't quite as sturdy, it's good enough to tape up on the windows, looks rather cool pasted on dark paper, and the kids can cut it with much better precision and ease.


Mindy said...

How fun! I didn't realize that you got so much snow out there! My kids are really loving playing in the snow, too. And snowflake crafts are the best, too!

Mr. Sanderson said...

Hey there! This is Scott Sanderson, we talked at Mike Peter's holiday party. Very cool blog! I thought I would send you my classroom blog address as

Happy Holidays!