Saturday, December 15, 2007


I posted the last of this year's pottery (excepting a couple of wee vases & bowls that will emerge when I have more time) in the shop yesterday. Ta da! It's been a good year for me, pottery-wise. I'll show off a couple of Christmas projects when the gifts have been given, but I thought I'd post a couple of process shots I took while working.

sweet wee animals (I always finish these in the wee hours, hence the lovely light).
mug handles drying (there is great natural light in the studio, though the students always come in and flip the switch anyway. No appreciation!)
trimmed pots waiting for those handles
cool trimming action shotSee that tiny black spray bottle on the wheel? I've had it since Junior High, when the gym teacher was passing out shampoo, etc. samples in the locker room one day. Jose Eber leave-in hair conditioner stuff. I (we were an all-White Rain house, usually) loved that stuff, luxurious in my book, but I've loved the little spray bottle more. A reliable, fine mist--> and 20 years later. Sheesh, I'm getting old!

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Karen said...

How fun to see the process of your mugs being made :) I am seriously coveting a little surprise mug (the mice are my favorite!).