Thursday, November 29, 2007

tiny shop

My first gallery showing! Some of my wee wares were included in tinyshop at the double punch gallery in San Francisco.

The curator's description, which I adore:

double punch gallery presents tinyshop, a pop-up shop curated by Antoinette Celes, showcasing original art and handmade goods by artists, designers and creatives working in the medium of small.

As the world moves bigger, faster and stronger, we occasionally seek comfort in little things. tinyshop celebrates the preciousness of "mini" --- the shortest distance between 2 points, the space of minutiae, and creative endeavors on a small scale.

The curator is tracking the show on her tinyshop blog. My bio isn't up yet, since I sent it to her so late :(... but if you watch the video on this post closely, you can see some of my work. Pause the video on the shelves--fox, hedgies, bunnies, birds!


Mindy said...

That is soooo cool! I loved looking at the other people's stuff, too. When is she going to post your bio?

Sara Z said...

That is so cool Valerie! I always knew your crafting was set out for greatness!