Wednesday, November 7, 2007

fairy snack set

I sold this little set to an acquaintance, so it doesn't get to be listed for all to see on my etsy site, but I thought I'd post it here. Because it's so very sweet :).

The description it had:

Not quite a tea set, but more practical for the fairies I know, this snack set includes a leaf-pitcher, a flower snack canister, 2 flower bowls and 2 wee tea cups, all in delicate flower fairy colors.

Pitcher measures 3" across & flower canister is 3 1/2" high. Each piece was wheel-thrown, then distorted and carved and handles added when they're leather-hard. Two firings and a detailed glazing process later, they're glossy and gorgeous and feel wonderful in small hands. Including mine. :)


Beth Nouveau said...

ooh how pretty.. did you throw the pieces before shaping/glazing? or are they slab/pinch pot/made from a mold?

vfg said...

thank you.

They're wheel thrown, then altered by hand.

Karen said...

That little set is SO adorable. I just came across your blog/Etsy shop and am completely in love with your mugs and bowls. Lovely! :)