Monday, November 12, 2007

crafting in public

I just added to my Google Reader subscription, and was so charmed today by this little essay by Alice of futuregirl, on the subversiveness of crafting in public. Read it (it's short).

I have portable little suitcase tins that fit a wee project or two, and I always cart handsewing or needle-felting along with me. Unlike Alice, I usually do get a lot of questions, especially with the needle-felting ("I'm sorry, but I have to ask: what are you doing?"), but never quite thought about it as craft proselyting. So I loved this little essay! And am happy to report that I am getting converts: after a not-shy 10 year old felted a bird with me last week, I'm bringing supplies for everyone to my daughters' dance class tomorrow: all the waiting moms and grandmas have agreed to try it, too.

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