Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Marian's bitty buddy hamsters

I have been making tiny animals for my daughters and etsy shop. Despite my love for our family's hamster, I have had a hard time stripping the shape down to a simple form I was happy with. While we were working together one day, my 6-yr-old responded to my complaints with, "Easy, Mom. Just do this..." and proceeded to make this little batch. Marian is quite the artist herself (check out her self-named imacraftartist.blogspot.com for other projects). She was quite ill between ages 1 and 2, and would spend hours stacking those little round stickers into piles in the hospital. Since she was too weary to be doing the large motor and language development typical for that age group, she focused all of her efforts into her small motor skills, and they still are really exceptional. She is my very best crafting friend, and agreed to offer her hamsters to you at an exceptional price, just $2 each (free shipping with any other purchase, of course).

**later edit: one is already sold! hurry to get yours!

Sculpted from a porcelain mix white clay, and glazed a glossy white, each hamster is very close to 1 cm, and stamped with an "M" (for Marian Grace) on its unglazed base.

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