Friday, January 28, 2011


A couple of weeks ago, we substituted a Friday morning thrifting for Friday crafternoon, and I had great little finds. We went to a thrift store at a retirement village/nursing home. I think most of the stock is either from a resident downsizing as they move from an apartment to a smaller care room, or after a death, so it has already been sort of pre-curated: the treasures that were chosen to keep for the move here.

This was a Marian treasure-trove. We wanted to get her some leather riding gloves (she received horseback riding lessons for Christmas), but weren't sure where to find tiny ones. This pair fits wee hands (though the fingers are long), and were just a quarter! Marian my fancy girl had also recently asked me to buy a set of small goblets. We have a pair of shallow little plastic ones, and huge heavy green glass ones from my childhood, and neither quite suit her. Welcome to the Goates home, 7/$1.50 clear glass goblets and 3/$0.75 blue flutes! She was dying dying with the greatness when she found them on the table after school.

Other treasures: $0.15 tin of watercolors, $0.25 jar of little wicks (perfect for acorn-cap wish candles--see Becci's version here and don't forget to peek at the photo of her beautiful-to-his-chagrin boy wishing), $0.30 for a bag full of sharpened dowels (clay and bun-holding uses--I actually do cut up and pencil-sharpen dowels for this purpose, including a pair the week before this great find), and Valentine gifts for mine: a star pin ($0.15) for celestial-loving Audrey, fancy clip-on earrings ($1.00) for Marian whose parents are non-pierce-allowing meanies so far, and a mustache brush for Nathan. It's the coolest little funny thing I've ever seen. The man doesn't even brush his hair, but his winter beard is getting out of control to our joint fascination--how would that be to have stiff stuff all over your face? Men are weird! I have the mirror side facing up in the photo; the other side has a tiny, very densely bristled, round brush. It neatly folds up into the wooden case, and was the big splurge of the day at $5.00. I ♥ it very much!

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Amanda said...

I find it magical how tiny wicks seems to be hidden at thrift shops just for you and Becci to find! I never stumble upon such little jars of sweetness! (Not that I'd know what to do with them, I'd just give them to you and Becci! LOL)