Saturday, January 29, 2011

January: Part I

I really hate January.

On one level, I can look outside and admire the icy stillness and smile at the pattern made on the wall by moonlight shining through the paper snowflakes we taped to our windows and plan bookclub discussions and have crafternoons and talk myself through my own good fortune of time and space and friends and family.

But my soul screams for light and warmth and something other than here and now and static and my seretonin levels suffer and I hide in the bathroom to avoid putting the kids to bed and I barely make it through the month. Just like last year.

Back to that first level, then!
Creating color in January:

A friend is caught in medical drama and Reuben and I sent her some color. I did something similar a couple of years ago, but can't find the link. I made mine very tiny and on a bit of magnetic paper so it can be sunshine bright on her fridge, and I swear Reuben made this without prompting. He wouldn't make a copy for me, and it just shows how much I love said friend that I gave it away.I like layering two tones of tissue paper in the blossoms for visual interest, but only had one color of green to use for the leaves. I tried another sort of layering--double and triple thickness--and it was slick.Another January color effort was the purchase of this wee rainbow from the Container Store. I couldn't find a link in their online store, but they were a deal in the office area: $1.99 for 12.Marian stole a blue one, and we used the rest to work on the drawer you see there. I was gifted some great clearance glitter (maybe I'll stay on my blogging roll and you'll see some results next week!), and my glitter/weird tapes/sequins/miscellaneous shiny things drawer overflowed. Phew! Good thing I bought these.

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