Monday, January 10, 2011


I spent a chunk of my Christmas pottery sales on these little honeys for mine.
Urban Cowgirl and Cassiopeia Spice. Aren't those perfect for my horse girl and star girl? Plus, almost the least expensive currently available--they just came out last fall so are more available, methinks--and I did pay less than 1/2 the Japanese retail price, though I also pulled the classic ebay trick of waiting for an auction to end instead of choosing the BIN option, for the honor of paying more. Hooray.

What might we be beginning?
I've been fascinated by the Blythe movement (subculture? crafty doll dressing and customizing delight?) before, but was finally entranced by this new blog introduction:
and her flickr set.

Just turned the corner.

I'm not sure why I'm so fired up about making Blythe clothes and have not yet made a single American Girl doll dress. I think I like the aesthetic more. It's very much fancy-tickling. I'm so excited to customize and much! Thinking that I'm waiting for Audrey's birthday. We'll see.

So excited. I told both girls "my secret!" (they've been really delighted as we checked them out together), and we've been bouncy about it.

Take that, January blues.


For My Sweet Daughter said...

I don't understand these dolls because I have never seen anything really about them. I just know they are super duper cute and super duper expensive!
How long are you going on nursing? We hit 18 months on Dec 22nd and I am still nursing at night. I hope to get through the winter before stopping, to help her not get sick.
Very cute outfits!
Shannon C

vfg said...

Reuben is 26 months old now, and nursing usually twice a day: when he wakes up and to go down for a nap. I am especially happy for him to still be able to breastfeed before MRIs because he can have breastmilk 3 hours later than solid food before sedation. And for this busybusy boy, it's the only time he will slow down and cuddle. plans yet.

I know, some of the Blythes are out of control $$. These ended up costing me about the same as an American Girl doll, so not quite in the range of mommy madness. Although AG may be there... They were first released in 1972 in the US, but lasted less than a year (too creepy, said critics), and now those original Kenners are $1500+ if you run into one at a garage sale... Now they're just made in Japan, and pretty boutique-y, with a sort of cult following in the US. They're licensed by Hasbro, who just started putting mini Blythes in the Littlest Pet Shop lineup. The new mini Blythes are pretty cute, and well-made, but don't have the cool switch-y eyes and chic potential of the 12"-ers. Still, I might "invest" (though I'm being very careful with my January budget!).