Saturday, January 29, 2011

January: Part II

Some people are tempted by the summer's sticky heat to cut their long hair.
I am tempted by January.
It's the static that undoes me.

I usually combat my hair with a nice chignon (do you think I'm fancier because I used that word instead of "bun"?), using whichever straight and sharp object I can find to hold it in place. The top photograph is of a vase on my nightstand, holding what I pulled out of my hair before I went to sleep. I feel especially cool when I traipse to the school with a paintbrush in my hair.

Here's my current hair: combed when wet, air dried, no product. The second photo: slightly damp, not yet brushed. Do you think if it was shorter and a bit layered I could be curly?
And would that counteract January?

**You can partially see that the book on the top of the stack (this was a couple of weeks ago) is Richard Powers' Generosity: An Enhancement. It's a novel about a girl who is unusually happy and the response of self and those around her to the discovery that this is largely from her genetic good luck. It was our January bookclub book, my second reading, and flat out fascinating. Have any of you read it?


nweames said...

It might curl a bit, especially with the humidity. Mine is now pretty straight without it.

As for the book, I am adding it to my list. I need a feel good book for January.

Christine Frandsen said...

I bet some layers would add a bit of wave. My hair has responsonded well to the new humidity, a few new layers and a few products to hold the curl. I bought "Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Leave-In Split End Protector Treatment" to use as a leave in conditioner, and it makes my hair go curlier than any other mousse, gel, curling product.... weird.

Enough of that hair talk - so excited to see you this weekend!!!! :) :)

Christine Frandsen said...

ps. i love your hair.
always have.

vfg said...

I'm not sure it's exactly a feel-good book.
More a "makes you think" book.

I still recommend it.

Thanks both for the hair thoughts...

cfm said...

Try some moose (spelling). I know you don't like product but it will help. Also try defusing and I bet you could get some real curl. Your hair looks wavier than mine and I can get mine to look curly. Layers are a good option because you get a cut without losing length but make sure your buns will still stay in because if they don't you will be ticked!

Centi said...

I think it might curl, yes. But your hair is sooo wonderful as it is now... I would just leave it that way.

Kristine said...

It really is spectacularly beautiful hair--I was staring at it last night. (Just admiringly, not in a creepy stalker sort of way :))