Wednesday, April 28, 2010

sproutwood bound

I'm wildly excited for this weekend's faerie festival at Sproutwood Farm. I first read about the festival in Family Fun magazine the spring before we moved to Pennsylvania, right after we had decided. We looked forward to the festival all year, then were a little awed by the sometimes astounding people watching available there.

This year, I have convinced four of my loveliest lady friends and their families to come along. Last night, I worked up a little temporary something for my male child. Linen mesh under wool felt. Oh, we are going to be so cute!


Bwyn said...

OMG! A faerie festival!!!

I went to the webpage you had listed! How fun! We have a baby coming home this weekend ( or at least thats what the docs are telling us) Woohoo!

I am going to bookmark that webpage...I see a faerie festival in our future.

Lisa said...

Oh, Annie would be sooo jealous! I am too for that matter. I love to see your gardening activities - we're not doing any this year since we're moving. I'm so missing planting our peas right now!

Bwyn said...

So I just remember something.....Happy 1 year in your new house!!!!!!

I hope you have many more years there and I hope you had a good time this weekend!

Mere said...

I have a note to send you Valerie, but the email I have isn't right. It's a consolidated comment on numerous blogs! Can you send your email to me, please, to my juno email? :) Thanks!

Mindy said...

Seriously. You are my idol. Let's make a deal - called whenever you make something, amke two of it (one for me).