Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Earth Day

I celebrated Earth Day by dressing my children in green and unloading lovely green made-of-earth bowls from a biodiesel-fueled kiln.I'm way behind on wedding gifts, and planned to send this stack off in pairs to assorted cousins and nephew/nieces. But I find myself a bit in love with these beauties and not quite sure enough of their rapturous reception to package them up yet. Even called my brother Paul, who knows one of the couples very well, to see if they had ever complimented his set of Valerie bowls. Hmmm. Yes, actually. Shoot. That's at least 2 not-for-me!

I mean, if they'll be doorstops or cat bowls, I'd rather send off some Target gift cards, you know?

But then again, could anyone really be that callous?


Christine Frandsen said...

It's true! We fed Kurt and Julie out of your bowls all the time!
They'll be appreciated, I'm sure. I know ours are!

Kathi D said...

If you ever have the slightest doubts, just send them to me. You KNOW I love them!

Mark said...