Wednesday, April 28, 2010

spring planting

The girls and I finally gathered an afternoon for some planting, including the blueberry bushes that have been sitting on my steps (and somehow survived!) for 3 weeks now. This year we split our 3' x 6' raised bed evenly to give each of us 6 square feet. I took the back row and added climbing supports for first peas and then tomato/cucumber/squash vines, and each girl gets a block of six to plant whatever they want.

We planted half and will finish this week.

I remembered that, in my childhood, the youngest one got to plant the peas, because the seeds are big enough for wee fingers to handle. I introduced the idea to Reuben, and he caught right on, grabbing the seed packet and poking seed after seed (often several in a hole!) into the finger holes I made along the fencing.
Then (and before) he totally wrecked havoc. He's getting very very good at that.

We started making markers, but I could only find a couple of wooden sticks to use.Luckily, today was the first day of our area's Salvation Army Fabric and Craft Sale* (oh, my, the goodness!) and I picked up a packet.*More to share on that later, including a celebrity sighting (her vintage fabric finds from the Pittsburgh sale here and the photo of the opening line here got me especially excited for ours). I babbled like a crazy woman :). A crazy woman with a baby on my back and arms overflowing with vintage and new goodness. So pretty much we were best friends on sight (aka she was very nice to me. And is so pretty in person).


sjnagel said...

So envious of your green lawns and spring attire. We woke up to a snow covered yard again.

Anonymous said...

It was good to see you yesterday! Little Reuben is such a cutie!!:-) I am a MAJOR lurker on your blog & enjoy seeing updates about your family & all the crafty goodness. That was the first time I had been to the Salvation Army fabric/crafts sale. The amount of people was rather overwhelming!! We did find things to keep us busy a while though. My girls loved all the remenents & had a blast picking out some for doll clothes. I'm still trying to decide if I will let the bigger ones sew themselves - doll dresses have such teeny seams. We are working on learning to follow patterns & sewing regular things, just not sure if they are ready to move on to doll dresses...I recieved a new sewing machine for Christmas - LOVE IT. So my girls now have my old one to sew on, which they think is GREAT!:-)
Have fun crafting!!
~Ruth w/6 (from ballet)

Christine Frandsen said...

Look at those cute kids!! Marian's hair is long and she is a little style guru, I'm loving that outfit! I can't get over Reuben's blonde hair and resemblance to PB when he was a little guy. And Audrey is looking old, and very young-lady like, and quite the beauty.

I can't wait to see you all! And especially to see you more often!


Braden said...

I love that neat little garden bed! How great for the kids.