Tuesday, February 3, 2009

lap crafting in January

I have a baby that wants total attention all of the time, so crafting (housework, cooking...) has slowed way down around here. Also my back is suffering. Right now he is sleeping in his Baby Bjorn (still total contact, occasionally he'll fall for this mom's-hands-are-free! ruse). I can't decide if I'm happy or not that my back doesn't permit a lot of standing with the extra weight, and particularly a lot of trying to reach around the belly bundle to do dishes or whatever, especially as that involves a lot of crouching and such. But I can currently recline with him on my chest & my feet on the windowsill and work on organizing my photos. So blog day it is.

While nursing or holding him (that way his catnaps might extend a bit), I can manage lap crafting. Embroidery is the current rage at the green futon. I've seen red hearts on white linen on a couple of blogs, and finally my Garnet Hill catalog, so really had to do red hearts on linen. Limited applications right now, but I still have a big bag of lavender, so sachets it is... I'm also thinking red foil-covered chocolate.My crochet/knit skills are minimal, though these would be great crafting-with-baby projects. I did add a couple of ear-covering rows to this hat my sister crocheted for my daughter a couple of years ago.


nweames said...

So pretty. K love embroidery thanks to MIL teaching her. I will have to show these to her.

luminousquilts said...

I don't have the patience or knowledge to teach EJ to craft even though she REALLY wants to. Maybe grandma can teach her again when she comes. Love how things go in spurts. I'll be a blog-aholic and then nothing for a long while. I'm back at it. TOO much to do. Thanks for inspiring to do a little more.