Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ina LaVar LeBeau

Isn't that an awesome name?

My mom's mum was a super-creative woman. A learn-new-skills, work with lots of media, dive in and do it sort of gal. Just the kind of person I'm working on being. I love this about us, because I didn't really know her very well. We lived in another state and other circumstances kept us from being too close, situations that I really admire my parents for keeping to themselves when we were children. She died 3 years ago and since I have been able to acquire just a few of the things she did, bits that certainly aren't her best, but I feel lucky to have. One is this little tablecloth. It's typically 70s synthetic, and part of the cloth was melted in an ironing incident who knows when, but it was nicely embroidered and cut and features green leaves, which I love. I want to rescue part of it in some wondrous project, but have been stymied as to how and what.
So, my creative friends...ideas???

(oh, and speaking of green leaves, two happy photos from this week at our house that follow that theme. Dare I hope you're coming, spring?)


Meg said...

I have the quilt squares of the last quilt my grandma cut out (by hand) and haven't thought of what to do with them (not enough to make a quilt). I love them, and wish I had some ideas for both of us. I love the green leaves, and I bet you do too.

sgraham said...

I love the spring pictures, and especially Reubens chubby little legs sticking out of his leg warmers. I love it when Jackson's does that too.

Mindy said...

Yes - grandma was cool. And oh! That baby . . . he's like a little cartoon, he's so over-the-top cute. I need to squeeze him!

Elise and Lane said...

Oh I just want to pick up lil' Reuben and give him a big fat kiss on the cheek!! That is sooo nice he enjoys watching you do your crafts!