Tuesday, February 3, 2009


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Crafternoons on King Street.
first week: felting hearts. Needle felting feels "so last year" to me, because the obsession has somewhat abated over here, but my friends hadn't heard of the art. And did quite well. A red Valentine bird left before I remembered to take photos.
last week: e-mail invitations the day before an event to people who don't always check their e-mail is not the way to enforce a new tradition. I'm a bit of a social planning disaster manual.

this week: the Goates Girls 6th annual Mother-Daughter Valentine Making Party is on Saturday, so that will do. Our inviting is sporadic and often largely based on who we talk to that week. If you're local and haven't been invited, feel free to show up anyway:) 10-noon drop in.


sallyavena said...

Can I come? I really wish I could...I'm thinking we'll have to do something similar here, with more people than just me and the kiddos. Although your craft supply/idea pool runs much deeper than mine. Did you hear the Wades are applying for a job at Wilson College in Chambersburg? Although we are selfishly hoping the one in Conneticut comes through and we can take the state position in Conn and have them close by.

nweames said...

We want to come too. That sounds like so much fun. Love how you always think to invite others to participate in your projects. So thoughtful -- and so grateful.

vfg said...

I think I would die of joy if the Wades moved into our ward. Really die of joy.

Kathi D said...

If I were local, I would be there in a flash! Not to mention, I would love to carry that baby boy around for a few days to help your back recover. Yes, just for your back. Not to steal baby snuggles or anything.

Meg said...

I would really like to be there myself. I seemed to have caught the crafting bug myself. I have several projects running through my mind....we will see if I accomplish anything here.

Oh and to bad Wades aren't going to stick around here I would love for them to stay here with us. They are such great people.

One more thing, Reuben is so cute, loved the rolling over, makes me miss when my girls were little.

Kitty said...

Those necklaces are so pretty. I love them. I saw this posting on etsy and thought of you. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?ref=fp_feat_3&listing_id=8824411


cfm said...

Vali---do you subscribe? I think I might start a med school wifes crafternoon thing... I like the idea plus I am realizing today after spending the day watching nbc/abc shows on line ALL DAY I need to do something more productive and have something to look forward too!