Tuesday, February 3, 2009

CPSIA stay

CPSIA voted unanimously, 2-0 (what? 2 people decide this? totally funny to call that a board) to hold off a year on enforcing "certain" children's products certification.

All the details I don't know/understand/care enough to read carefully when I want to sleep, but it looks like handmade for kids is not only awesome but legally so. Kind of cool to see a grassroots effort succeed and a at least partially democratic government listen to their people. Go, Washington! And...buy away, my friends!

Which means I didn't need to make that rather $ order a couple of days ago from canadian wood crafts. Still, glad...will share when I receive my good wood and can gush in earnest.


luminousquilts said...

I almost called to say hooray! A year repreve to work out the kinks and make some better choices. Hope it works out better the second time around.

nweames said...

Hallelujah!!! Their rules while nice in concept not very practical. Hopefully, they can come up will a realistic, practical way to enforce the law.