Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wednesday was Wood day

I found a bag full of branch bits in the attic this week, leftovers from a fairy furniture Christmas project a couple of years ago. The girls caught the woodworking enthusiasm (I finished a bunch of this-Christmas wood puzzle first cuts) of the day. and designed/built fairy furniture for hours. I did a bit of custom sawing for them, we all trekked to Pague & Fegan (our 152-year-old hardware store a block away) for new wood glue, and a lovely new set emerged. Marian's self-assigned area was transportation: two cars and one roller-coaster train resulted.

Audrey had "furniture": her beds and table & chairs (Audrey designed the new chairs, which she thought would work better for our bendy fairies):
She also continued her Olympic obsession with this balance beam. When our friend Sarah joined us, she added a diving board.

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nyjlm said...

I want to come to your house to play. The fairy furniture is wonderful!