Sunday, August 10, 2008


I mentioned before my plot to buy beeswax for a useful purpose. I was feeling a little sad to miss wedding preparation details (because I lived across the country and because I am part of the groom's family, which means a big fat MYOB!--though sweet Christine has been kind enough to ask for my input a couple of times). I had used the Jeremy Taylor (1613-1667 Anglican bishop “Shakespeare of Divines”, as I so-usefully indicated on each slip) quote for a cousin's bridal shower years ago, and thought first to tack it to a couple of sparklers (recent Fourth enthusiam still with us) before I had the beeswax candles inspiration. A lucky change of plans: my new sister-in-law has since told me the details of a rather traumatic dress-on-fire incident when she tried to use sparklers to transform into Tinkerbell...

My first beeswax-of-my-own acquisition was a few years ago (for pysanky), and the girls and I dipped a few candles then. I thought I was pretty much a nature girl when I purchased the unbleached beeswax from a chain craft store, but this year's golden purchased-from-the-keeper tiny tapers make the old ones look positively drab. A few process shots (click on the page & it won't be so wee):

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