Monday, August 25, 2008


There was no creativity at our house. Only laundry. (From me, anyway. The girls spent a large part of their day with their Cranium FunFolio books. Highly recommended, though I'm a little afraid that they're being phased out because we bought one of them on clearance. Marian received the Junior edition for her birthday from her grandparents.) But I did hear on the phone today that my cutie-tootie niece likes the creative bits I sent her for big birthday #2. I photographed those good bits & (true to form) never got around to posting them.

First, some freezer-paper stencil fun for Miss Ellee (who really does a most fantastic elephant trumpet) and her new baby brother Will. I've been LOVING the freezer paper stencilling this summer and will someday share more photos. Very simple. You can easily find tutorials. Since I used a little tutorial in a freebie Craft: mini magazine I got at Art Star this year, here's a link from their site. I used Versatex screen printing inks and Jacquard textile paint with similar results.
One of my favorite sweet nature books is Sibylle Von Olfers' The Story of the Root Children (We read it at Marian's birthday party). I really want this quilted version, btw... Anyway, after first reading it, I needle-felted little root babies a couple of years ago that I loved so much, and have been wanting to make little Waldorf velour root baby dolls for forever. Two little darlings turning two this month finally pushed me to it (okay, one isn't finished yet...). I'm not quite pleased with the result, but I'm comparing my efforts with the super-skill of Aunt Boo of aunt boo's babies (this article in the Storque includes a sweet photo that shows how excited Audrey was when she received some of her great work for Easter this year. The dolls pictured just below Audrey's photo are some of ours).
Marian took this photo after she decked the root baby in all of her summer finery.
I hoped that little fingers would be successful dressing this wee doll, especially with the flower skirt-cape-hat options all available. I hear she's close.

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