Sunday, August 10, 2008


Because I pretend to be a craft blog, I will not post a thousand wedding photos. Yet. But the Frandsen women did get crafty in our one groom's family responsibility: the wedding breakfast. [though I must credit my gracious sister Mindy for work beyond that, since the reception was in the backyard of their lovely home]. Also I have to note here that I successfully coerced wee family members into participating in a goofy but so-awesome-to-me program, mostly so I could show a video of Marian singing "You are my Sunshine" for Paul & Christine. I hope to figure out how to post it on her blog soon. (edit: watch Mare sing her little heart out here)

So it's another page-of-pics, including a shot of my too-beautiful Audrey, who won't put on her blog what I want her to. Ever. [hey, Audrey, don't you want me to show you how to put this blog on your blog? No. Audge. I won't make you write in your journal today if you write something journal-y on your blog. No.] So I'm going to show more of her here :).

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sallyavena said...

Very elegant! It looks like a page out of Martha Stewart or something like that. And Audrey is beautiful