Wednesday, April 6, 2011

egg hunt!

Audrey and Reuben at last year's hunt

Hi, lovers-of-spring! (isn't that everyone?)

I'm hosting a co-op egg hunt this year, and would love to have you bring your little ones if you're available.

This is how it will work: bring one dozen filled eggs (candy or small prizes) for each child that will be searching. Since this plan is automatically self-adjusting, we will thus be perfectly prepared for whatever size group we are celebrating with. Which means you are free to both ignore this invitation and/or invite others. It won't really affect my preparation (although I always do like a nice RSVP so as to manage my expectations).

My yard? Not so big. I do have the good fortune, however, of living a block from James Burd Elementary School, and think that the little wooded area (and surrounding field as necessary) between the elementary and intermediate schools will be perfect for a hunt. I'm going to mark off an area specifically for the 3-and-under crowd, too.

The plan: meet at the playground on the first day of our spring break: Friday morning, April 22nd*. Egg hiding will begin promptly at 11:00, and egg hunting at 11:15*. We can do an organic some-herd-kids-around-playground-while-others-hide sort of thing. Last year we just had the "big girls" hide the eggs, but they took forever so I think more hiders = excellent this year.

Let's all bring food to share. Then make the kids eat "something else" after the hunt before they gorge on chocolate. You can be healthy-ish if you want and we'll call it lunch. I do hear Holly is bringing donuts, though, and I always like to make carrot sugar cookies for Easter... There are a couple of tables at the playground, but I recommend a picnic blanket or two as well. I'll have napkins & cups.

Easter dresses = cute pictures, so I'll make my kids wear theirs. Unless they complain, in which case I don't think this is a battle worth waging. You can wear whatever you want, of course, but we can play fancy and that would be fun for those of us who like that stuff. Hats, maybe?

In case of rain: no hunt. Do your own in your living room & we'll try again next year :).

*timing: we're out of town Saturday/Sunday & I'm bringing my mom to the airport on Thursday afternoon. So Friday's good for us! (And will hopefully catch a few of you before vacation, too. If you're already OUTTA HERE! by then, well, I hope it's delightful. We'll miss you but wish you well). I think morning is good for an activity, but late morning will be warmer (we hope...).


PS: After skipping it the last couple of years, I am psyched for pysanky again this year, sometime during the week before, when my mom is here. Interested? Let me know...

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nweames said...

Can I come?????

We had a pysanky party for RS the other night. So fun.