Thursday, April 21, 2011

a good peek

I gave two mugs away last week, as an early (very early) birthday gift to my sister-in-law (she tried to buy it and that was just silly), and in a promotional trade with bluebirdbaby. They made very brief appearances in the shop, but are some of my favorites (well selected by those tasteful ladies!), so I wanted them to be on record somewhere. Here! Want a peek inside?

Meet snail trail and seafoam bunny:

I had planned to do a small clay bunny tutorial this week, to partner the felt bunny one, but had the delightful luck of having my mom visit from across the country and a lot of less important things went on the back burner (but maybe not enough of them because I took her to the airport this evening and am now heartbroken).Interested? I try for smooth forms that might-not-break in heavy use for inside my surprise mugs, and am particularly pleased with my bunny methodology. It works just as nicely in paper clay or Sculpey.


Pen and Paperie said...

i love your surprise mugs!
the fuzzy animals are great, but this snail is just too cute.
sounds like you had a nice time with your mom!

Mindy said...

The snail trail one is soooo cute.