Saturday, February 19, 2011

mini spring

We're enjoying the end of a lovely February thaw here--it was 72 degrees today when I picked up the neighborhood kids at school (I carpool!). My friend Lydia was visiting yesterday morning and she and I and Reuben took our gnomie friends around the neighborhood looking for spring. Signs are limited to fat buds and greening moss, mostly, but we did spy a clump of snowdrops. Why have I not planted them in my yard yet?
Reuben is about to die with joy having "outside" part of our life again. He didn't much care for deep snow, but left-over slush is F-I-N-E fine for crunching. He stomped along this trail of snow several times back and forth until I tried to slip the camera out of his bag, at which he took great offense. Here he is coming after me:After watching Lydia and I stop and find small places to photograph, Reuben left the sidewalk to carefully scope out this nice icy patch: squat down, look at several angles, put down bag, take out camera, try to photograph, realize camera is upside down, try again...Lydia filled her sweatshirt pockets with last-season's nature bits. Displayed:

Then we made them into a mobile while Reuben was napping, because she knows my house = crafts.


Snippety Gibbet said...

I never get how you always see spring before I do, and you are north of me. You saw the robins last spring a full week before I did. We have a few little green things peeking out of the ground but certainly nothing with a bloom!

Hailey M Lyman said...

this is so cute :) i love your blog!

Mindy said...

Yay for SPRING! I have a little patch of blooming red tulips!