Thursday, February 3, 2011

on our snow day...

We got the freezing-rain-only version of the BIG STORM, but was very slippery (and lovely crystalline trees-y), so it gave us a "snow" day on Tuesday. JUST THE NIGHT BEFORE our Blythe dolls finally arrived in a sweet tied-with-string package from Hong Kong. The girls were v. excited and so I just gave them to them (there had been some toying around with saving-'til-birthdays, but that was crazy talk). So the snow day timing was perfect, because we had the chance to do some happy sewing.

I'm eager to design-and-share my own Blythe doll patterns, but to start I purchased the handy Simplicity 2353, a Blythe-specific pattern released last July. Both girls chose to sew yoked skirts. I urged them to build their wardrobe by choosing new pieces that coordinate with the outfit their dolls arrived in. Our latest doll clothes deal is that they cut out the pattern pieces and the fabric and I'll sew them. We were very delighted with our results.

I designed my living room around the fabric Audrey chose for her Cassi's pleated skirt, and it matches shirt, leggings, and ballet flats perfectly.The pink calico Marian chose for her gathered skirt highlights the sweet stitching on the blouse that Marian's Violet Grace came with. In the original outfit, the vest hides the pretty smocking.
a couple of free pattern lists we'd love to try soon: (felt!)

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