Sunday, March 14, 2010

the rules

"Okay, let's each say one thing that it has to be."

"Orphans. An orphan academy."

(Overheard this afternoon. I--playing with Reuben behind the couch--started clapping. They rolled their eyes. I went for my camera...)


Amanda Ruth said...

"They rolled their eyes. I went for my camera..."


Braden said...

I love it! That sounds like some very happy hours for them.

jessicajw said...

It cracks me up that all kids are fascinated with orphans. That is the main topic of interest for AJ and his best friend, Henley, when they play.

vfg said...

My mom said most of my imaginative play with my sister started,

"My name is Ellalyn and your name is Cluck. Our parents are dead and we're all alone..."

sallyavena said...

Have they read 'The Mysterious Benedict Society' yet? That waht has orphans in it with a lot of imagination to go with them.