Wednesday, March 17, 2010

more with felted sweaters

I have gorgeous twin nephews who turned four last week. Like their daddy (that's my little bro), they're mad about dinos. A prehistoric playset was an easy hit. It's really just neutrally jungle-y, except for the volcano, and could be adapted easily to various climes.
My beautiful sister-in-law Meghan is a flowers-in-the-hair sort of girl, so of course I had to include a couple of flowers (made from a felted red blazer, a felted green sweater, & the lining of a purple one) for the mama, who is the real hero of any twin story.

More photos and construction notes:

Another view. I cut the flowery plant border from a sweater's edging.
All pieces are from felted sweaters or wool blazers except the stream, which is wool roving,
artfully arranged by Miss Marian, who attached it for me.
The volcano was made from a sleeve, stitched a bit more conical.
The wrist of the sweater is tucked inside the volcano to make it sturdier for
easy in-and-out tucking of the mohair locks of lava.
I used plastic bottle caps as bases for the plants so they would stand nicely,
borrowing an idea from the lovely bottlecap pincushions.
I wet-felted the edges a bit with hot water and dishsoap after cutting the leaves.
Cutting along a sweater seam makes a sturdy, 4-edged leaf like the tall forest green one.
wool fibers punched through, back-side view (all pieces attached with needle felting only)

I attached the leaves at the base of the cave with thread
(too much strain with the curve and the cave floor seam),
but the leaves on top are sturdily attached by felting only.

All in a drawstring bag, of course. I've seen playsets that draw up in very clever ways, and was all gung-ho for that option, but, on reflection, I think they're more clever than actually useful. I like a good traditional canvas bag.Reuben enjoyed this, his first bag experience, muchly, and I had to chase him down to get it back.
Someone get that baby a European carryall.


Flowers said...

The picture of flowers look awesome. Your son is cute and adorable.

sallyavena said...

You never cease to amaze me! The foot in the picture really puts it in to perspective. It's much bigger than the first picture makes it seem. Have a great trip!

nweames said...

I love the characters and the flowers. I need a refresher felting course -- coming to Albuquerque anytime soon????

Reuben is adorable, as expected.

Braden said...

I love the dinosaur set! That is really cool. And it makes me very happy to see that picture of Reuben running around like that.

Meg said...

What great talent you have. You do such great work Val.