Tuesday, March 30, 2010


We pretended today like we were dog owners. Marian was home recouping from a virus, and this tiny sat on her lap all day long. Except for our very brief walk.
Note Reuben heading STRAIGHT for the street.
Don't worry, he was snatched before his sweet See-Kai-Run (man I love those new shoes)- clad feet hit the pavement.

Note how his little Hanna is barely fitting his long-legged little self. *sob*

And, yes, friends: looking at that series myself, I'm not really sure that it's still a debate.


Bwyn said...

i finally finished my 'birdie'!

what a challenge for me and my FAT fingers these days! But i LOVE it!
It was so fun doing it!

Thank you so much for thinking of me!

Also: Love the Hanna jacket, we are loves of all things Hanna (my sister has an outlet store 30 minutes from her house in Maine) Let us know if you want anything. I am placing orders soon. LOL.

Hope you had a great trip to see family!

Christine Frandsen said...

Rueben is looking like a little man just walking around no problem! What happened to that baby I met last year?!

And I can tell Marian is in love with that Chloe...

Elise said...

Rueben is walking!?!! I'm sure they all loved having a dog like that to play with!!

Braden said...

I hope this doesn't sound creepy, but Marian is beautiful. I got choked up seeing such a big, healthy looking girl.

vfg said...

I do need to appreciate that more often, my newly-sturdy little girl. It's a tricky adjustment from everyone's favorite medical drama girl to "normal". I think Chloe will help...
(or just turn my life inside out).

Meg said...

Marian looks so good, and Rueben growing up so fast. Love the little Chloe....I love little dogs, I guess I am just a little bias.