Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas elves' workshop--Thursday!

Life is a bit week-by-week right now, but Thursday LOOKS GOOD and I'd love for you to join me for a little crafting action. Please, bring your own projects to work on and know I'll have tables and the depth of my crafting world of supplies to help you out. Sit and chat if you could just use that. I'll have hot cider & lots of handmade mugs. 7:30- 11:00 pm as you like.

Following the schedule I posted earlier, I'm going to start an Amish puzzleball for Reuben (The image above was one of many I found online, this from amy.gunson's flickr photostream; a good tutorial I found is here). I have some beautiful fabrics I want to use bits of and I think it will be great for him learning to catch. I also want to finish up a wee felt animal for Audrey that I started in the hospital last week (I finished Audrey's rainbow of birds), and if you don't have a project, but want one, I suggest a bit of felt handsewing. It's great for beginners. I have grand patterns for Christmas gift making, both my own and purchased, like this book
image from amazon.com

or the entire handsewing for fun patterncard series
image from weewonderfuls.com

Bring your own felt (Joann's wool blend felt is 30% off in a very rare sale), or use some of mine for $2 (I have a good hoard,but wool felt is $$ and mostly mailorder). Regular craft felt will work fine, but it's not as dense, so harder to work with in some ways. But moths won't eat it (this has happened to me), and it's cheap & widely available.

If you're coming, please let me know so I can plan accordingly: three_goats@yahoo.com


Paul said...

Val, I was just thinking about how awesome it would be if we lived by each other so we could come to your crafting parties. Christine could do the craft and I could pin some bugs (my way of crafting). And we could both drink hot cider. Delicious.

Jetta said...

your homemade christmas has inspired me to attempt cutting out some basic animal wood toys and painting them. I seem to remember you having recommended/used a kid friendly wood paint/stain. Can you refer me to the post or a place to purchase?

Meg said...

Man I missed it. To bad I am not closer. I am always inspired by what you do.

Sara Z said...

I'm so jealous that I can't attend. I love your gatherings.

vfg said...

Jetta: I used non-toxic, watered-down acrylics for my color, then coated them with a homemade beeswax blend, a 5:1 mix of beeswax & mineral oil that I saw recommended on several woodworking websites for as food-safe. I think I ended up increasing the mineral oil content to make it easier to work with (a thick paste that I rubbed on, let dry for an hour or so, then buffed off). When I was at IKEA yesterday, I bought a tung oil/linseed oil (+) mixture in the BEHANDLA series that is supposed to be food safe, too, so I think I'll try that if I get to my wood projects ever again...