Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Christmas Workshops

Last night, I was pinning a long enough row of green linen ruffles to a pillow case that I emptied my tomato pincushion of pins. The original tomato I've had since I started my own sewing box in elementary school. I've made and admired lots of lovely pincushions, but there's something about those classic tomatoes, you know? Anyway, empty of pins, I noticed a tiny shiny: what was certainly a lost needle, just barely poking out. Yup, 'twas! Remembering a time, long ago, when I found piles of needles in my mom's tomato, I kept at it. And, squishing and pushing and flexing, I found all of these. Just 3 were visible when I started.

Finding all of those lovely tiny needles has me in the mood for handsewing, as does CHRISTMAS! The grandest of gift-making holidays is fast looming, and so I happily announce the First Annual Purple Petunia Christmas Workshops. On Thursday nights, starting at 7:30, there will be Crafting going on at my house, and I invite all to join me. Here's the deal:

I'll have a project set for each week. You are welcome to join me in making that project, or bring something of your own to work on. Some weeks, I may provide all of the materials. Other weeks, I will ask you to bring some of them, or chip in a couple $ to cover, for example, the dent you make in my hoarded wool felt stash. All weeks, I have quite an impressive array of tools and accessory supplies that I'm happy to share.

These will be more of the working sort of workshops than teaching ones. This is my way of forcing myself to get my own projects completed, so I cannot do a lot of wiggling, but I'm there, and (I hope!) so will other crafty sorts that have helpful minds and experiences. Also, don't expect anything fancy, food or decor-wise; these are work meetings, not impress-you meetings. You can bring something to share, of course, and I'll probably have a snacky out now and then because I'm a super-nursing-and-therefore-constantly-munching-mama. Food is a very important part of my day. If you're lucky, the house will be clean. At least the table will be cleared...

This is me, and our family life is still kind of a disaster, so I'm not promising something medical won't come up and change these plans, but we think (!!) chemo is done for now, so I'm going to go out on a limb and post a schedule:

November 12: wee handsewn toys (felt creatures & peg folk)
November 19: Amish puzzle balls (nice tutorial here; more, plus lovely examples here)
November 26: stuff yerself with turkey! other things going on this day...
December 3: organizing boxes (as seen here on lovely design)
December 10: wooden animals
December 18: finishing projects

(found this great tutorial list if you're looking for your own projects)

Early that week, I'll post the details (what I'm working on, what I'll have available, what you should come prepared with), and an RSVP via comment or e-mail would be appreciated so I can set up extra tables if needed. Again, you're always welcome to bring your own projects or just cozy up and share ideas.


sallyavena said...

How I wish I could come!!!! As for hand sewn little things made from felt, I'm trying the bird pattern from the bird mobile shrunk down a ton and stitching it on the outside. (Ethan is getting a ton of little felt animals for Christmas--his request kind of) Might be a good project for first timers to hand sewing.http://www.spoolsewing.com/blog/2008/05/16/bird-mobile/

Alyssa said...

I'd love to come... I'll just have to try to tune into your crafting vibe at the appointed times!
I was thinking of trying to make some smaller 2 shelf versions of your birch shelves for gifts... we'll see how it all goes after moving day next week! The workshop space can begin to take form!

Christine Frandsen said...

done with chemo!? that's great!!! Does that mean we will get to see all your handmade goods in person come December?
please come visit!

Heather Thomas said...

Wish I were close enough to take advantage of this get together!!! I was always inspired.

stgraham said...

Count Me in!! I soooo need this too! I have so much to do for Christmas!
Love It!!

Scott said...

Have you ever considered webcasting your craft night? That way your friends south of the Mason-Dixon line or west of the Mississippi could all participate...