Wednesday, October 14, 2009

toy tragic

I'm starting to think about Reuben's first birthday and Christmas gifts (first big gift-giving occasions right in a row), and feeling a mite tragic that he is past being satisfied with the grab-and-stare toys. So I couldn't quite justify buying him this (so beautiful!). Or...

That store (The Wooden Wagon) literally makes me salivate. Must quell the covetous beast!

Any ideas on the best toys for a one-year-old boy? I'm looking for just the right ball pounder, which I remember as a much-fought-over toy from Audrey's church nursery days. The Wooden Wagon does, in fact, have one, but I want one with ramps.


nweames said...

This is possibly one of the best toys I ever bought, -- The Fridge DJ by Leapfrog

My kids LOVE it!

Another great one is shakable cars, you shake, they go.

Mega Blocks are good too. He might be a little young but will grow into them quickly.

Wood blocks are always a hit (I'm sure you have these though)

Sherry said...

The wooden trucks have me drooling! He will probably grow into them quickly and if he is anything like my boys (or many others I know), he will not give the cars up for a long time.

Christine said...

oh, we love wooden wagon. nova naturals has some great toys, too.