Tuesday, October 27, 2009

crafting emergency

Sunday morning Nathan woke me up early, something he LOVES to do and I really really hate him for, but am always eager to help because I love that annoying man too and I am a firm believer that love is shown through helping (something we argue about because he likes to help less than I do. sigh). Complicated, like all good relationships. Anyway, I popped up a bit more quickly than usual because these were his words:

"Valerie, I have a crafting emergency."

Could he have tempted me more?
I am all over that.

He had good prizey plans for his (almost) half world championships, that he organized because he loves that cycling activism sort of thing, but couldn't attend because they were rain-postponed to Sunday and he had meetings because he does show his love through helping sometimes, and so kept his church obligations. But he slept in a bit. And needed help.

See our joint efforts here. There was some irony in mind.

I always want him to craft with me, but have to accept getting to craft with him, on his terms.

It's a start.


Snippety Gibbet said...

Too fun. I am loving the awards.

I totally get the "helping" thing. My honey wants me to drive him a couple of hours away next Friday to Harpers Ferry so he can do a 20 mile hike that weekend. Would he taxi me 2 hours away to do something? Hmm...well, first of all, I'd never ask that of him...but I rather doubt he would do it cheerfully. Anyway, you were a good sport, Miss V.

sallyavena said...

I can just see Nathan uttering those words in desperation, knowing you are the only one that can pull it off, because you are amazing that way. If there were cheesey craft movies, that would totally be a line you would hear from a husband of the crafter. Loved the awards too!