Friday, July 17, 2009

wish I'd written instead of browsed tonight

But then I would have missed this illustrated rambling about mod-to-mom hair:
(and while you're there, find a link to her nerdy baby line on etsy. seriously so awesome.)

...which was totally funny to me especially because I'm all about entering this:
because I so need it and I'm thinking maybe I could work the sympathy angle. What do you think? On the day I saw the signs about it I had just stopped for a quick 2nd look at couches I'm lusting after (the Ava loveseat on the left there, in "granite" and on extra sale next weekend). Here is a photo I took of myself right then, in Macy's, and looking my B-E-S-T in:*a $4.97 Old Navy special green shirt I wore for the second day in a row. After "sleeping" in it (I was on my way home from a 2 am-10 am stay in the ER. Not a lot of sleep).
*rolled-up cotton pants. One of my few pre-baby pants that still fit--because they're BBB (button below-belly. And, yes, I just made that up). One of the buttons at the bottom has torn through the cloth because I always catch my big toe on the roll-'em-up loop while I'm scrambling around.
*3-year-old Crocs
*no bra (getting R to nurse in the ER is complicated and I needed everything in my favor)
*no shower
*a pretty jade bracelet made by my seriously talented sister-in-law, Renae. The day before was Sunday, I'd finally (okay, partially) unpacked my jewelry, and thought I'd keep it on to entertain Reuben (the sparkle enchanted).
*the ubiquitous clipped-up bun. Total mom hair.

It says a lot about the pace of my weird life that I thought nothing of shopping on the way home from the ER. Hey, Macy's is an hour away from home. I can't just run there on a whim.

I'm afraid it says a lot about my hot-mama self that I was thinking this was a pretty good outfit: no knits! nothing from my husband's shelf!

And on days I shower and comb? Oh, look: more mom hair!


Snippety Gibbet said...

I think I have had "Mom hair" for the past 28 years. And don't tell anyone, but I still cut my hair with the Flo-bee I bought about that long ago.

Totally work the sympathy angle with the Macy's thing! If anyone deserves a break, it's you.

stgraham said...

Mom hair is a staple at my house, especially in the summer.
I personally love the outfit, comfy and relaxed (and wish I could go without the bra)

Christine said...

i say go for it :)
and I love the family picture. Marian's hair is gotting long!
and Audrey in a great pose (I loved on the hike when she kept making Paul take pictures of her- he loved it too).

nweames said...

How do you avoid "mom hair"? I absolutely think you should work the sympathy angle. You deserve something fun from all this!

The family photo is great.

Meg said...

I would work the angle too. You deserve it. Mom hair, well I have had that for my whole life I believe. HEHE

Heather Thomas said...

Hey, don't knock that look. I think you do look fabulous. I think I was pretty much wearing the same thing yesterday- and I didn't visit the ER. The only thing I added was a baby in a wrap strapped to me because she is teething and I had to vaccuum- this made me sweaty.

thirteennecklacedesigns said...

what an adorable family.