Monday, January 5, 2009

small creatures

"For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love."
-- Carl Sagan

Marian re-started school today.
Reuben turned 2 (months) yesterday.

Mama is much more overwhelmed than they.

Luckily, Audrey is there to help me hold it together. Even when I keep her in the same braids for days. Oh, and the goat. But he doesn't get photographed as often (out of bike kit, anyway).


luminousquilts said...

This morning came too early. I love the close up of the eye. My flash is too bright on the digital to do the macro. Good luck with one at home and restful day! Love ya!

Snippety Gibbet said...

I love the photo of the girls with Reuben crying. Hehehe. THAT's a keeper!

Yea for Mare going back to school. I bet she is excited.

I looked at the hubby's blog from your link. WHERE did you get that wallet from an innertube? That's a great score!

Then I moved down to the next entry on your hubby's blog. The one about his shoulder traumas. The day I got home from L.A., Mark went out mountain biking in the woods and had one of the worst falls ever. And of course, he fell right on his shoulder. We're waiting now to see how it xrayed.

Anyway, I enjoyed reading the posts. jan

Kathi D said...

You have a darling family.

It is great to see Marian looking so rosy and healthy! I love her short hair, too--looks like it is coming back better than ever.

Hugs to you all.

Heather Thomas said...

They all look so good!!!

vfg said...

any of my good photos are in natural light. my flash is lousy, too.

_made_ wallet myself with inner tube: ridiculously easy. Cut, stitch with waxed linen thread. It's held up pretty well. Glad you like it :). I saw a complete wallet somewhere made from bike tires, but N was using just a hair elastic. Blue. So minimal was better.

vfg said...

thanks for your sweet comments :)

Meg said...

Back to school that is great. Love the picture of Audrey, Mare, and little Ruben. I just love little boy clothes, probably more than little girl clothes. Enjoy your days with just one at home. I miss my girls when they are in school though.

nyjlm said...

the pictures are all so sweet- what lovely small creatures!

amd said...

Mare is sure cute and excited to get back to school. Your kids are growing up fast. Reuben is very handsome Goates baby.

Anonymous said...

You're not making poor Reuben wear a tie already are you? Poor fellow!


thirteennecklacedesigns said...

What a darling little family! I'm so bad about checking blogs, and look at the precious pictures I've been missing out on!

Your children are delightful.