Wednesday, January 28, 2009

national CPSIA blogging day

a good explanation of the whole issue here: Sarah Jane Studios
which is just the link Design Mom posted because I'm too busy with
my crying baby and
my sadly-cleaning-their-room-on-a-snow-day girls and
the painful sty in my eye. And
waiting by the phone because my little sister's --baby sister having a baby!-- water broke this morning and although she's just 35 weeks, it all means I get a new baby niece today who will be wee but probably just fine.
and I wish I had $500 to spend on a plane ticket for tomorrow
because I'm dying for newborn sweetness.
Especially hers.

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luminousquilts said...

Probably won't get to blog about it but I did write my senator and he said he'd "watch" the situation. Which means not a whole lot.

Love the part about crazy life! That described the way it is here with our own variation. And to be able to visit family...

My sister and her family (all of them) are coming in two weeks and I am excited.

Big hugs from me to you!