Tuesday, October 14, 2008

goates girls lately

The Mego Prego.
That's the loving new nickname I've had from my sweet man over the last few months. This photo is from the first of the month, but chronicles a moment that thoroughly impressed the girls: easily balancing a cereal bowl.

Good times.

The brave movie girl.
Marian listened to The Spiderwick Chronicles on our last Philly trip and finished it while weaving (on her Josefina loom, not the iris), so we rented the movie for the girls on Friday. Marian is still new to the non-cartoon, and, though thrilled, found it a bit intense. I shared with her my favorite old afghan trick: cover your head & still see!

The cyclist.Nathan broke his collarbone, effectively ending his cyclocross season, but Audrey participated in children's races on the last two Saturdays. Friend Christopher rode with her on the 4th, and they both showed up in their favorite baby blues: team Superstar! (along with Christopher's sister Natalie, age 7, on her unicycle). Audrey hasn't put in a lot of miles yet, but is drooling over a pretty blue roadbike at the shop that sponsors Nathan's current team. Both of them--and me too!--love her racing. So great. This last weekend was breathtakingly beautiful in Michaux state forest. Laurel Lake:


vimahi said...

Great pictures. You look so great!! Love it - - - - Thanks for the update

Meg said...

My kids do the same thing with the blanket, although they don't have one like that they can't see. I always see them peaking out, with just one eye showing. How cute. You look great Val.

Gabaldon said...

You look so good! Cute girls!

nweames said...

You guys look fabulous! The blanket trick is my favorite also. Still use it.

Heather Thomas said...

I have a random story for you. I was googling the squawking chicken craft for a refresher on how to make it and hit immediately on your website. I thought "Of course Valerie has it:)"
You look great!!!

kg said...

Here's to another generation of Goates cyclists!