Wednesday, October 29, 2008

bees leaves

I found a nice sample of leaves on campus when I picked up Audrey yesterday (early to avoid the Sarah Palin crowd traffic: she came to our tiny university & it was crazy to see the lines...) and borrowed resurrection fern's beeswax preservation idea to keep 'em bright. I didn't have those lovely thin beeswax sheets, so made my own by melting a beeswax chunk in a parchment-lined pan, cooling, then placing the resulting sheet over my leaves. Less pretty, but when I melted the whole thing in the oven, the bottoms were covered adequately without using a bottom sheet of wax. Mid-melt: I removed the hot leaves with tweezers & let the excess wax drip off while still nice and hot to keep the beeswax thin & transparent. These are waxed: Note to self: don't cook the leaves. Our seasonal tableau yesterday, arrangement by Audrey!

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Mindy said...

Whoa. I need to learn that! So cool.