Saturday, February 9, 2008


I arranged a knit-for-pots trade with my friend Sally, and when a package came from her yesterday, I naturally assumed it was the blanket I'd ordered (a lovely hand-spun silk-merino from etsy, of course!).

Stunned to find it full of handmade Sally treasures (impeccable stitches are putting me to shame today), plus more from her fantastic children (and supplies and donations to the superstar cause from other friends in Nashville.

Another friend, Jamie (we're related, but never figured out our family tree exactly) made this slick scarf: folded diagonally, then the corners sewn over either side of a large hair elastic. It makes the silk scarf actually stay in place (a problem we've found with this purchase) We will have more of these!

This was the triumph of the package, a patient smock and love scrubs made to fit the Waldorf dolls we made together from magic cabin kits a couple of years ago. My dolls get lots of pajamas, to match the girls' Christmas pajamas. Sally's get wardrobes.
Sometimes I think I'm settled here in PA and then, though I am lucky in my acquaintances here, realize how very much my Nashville group are friends of the heart.


sallyavena said...

I'm so happy it got there in time for Valentine's Day and that the clothes fit. Everyone needs a little lovin'. Enjoy

Mindy said...

Oh, how cute! Sally is so sweet.