Thursday, February 7, 2008

60 degrees

I took advantage of the balmy weather to take pottery photos outside. The girls played in the yardand "helped" (she likes this one).
I took advantage of Jon Stewart's always-entertaining (ah, the color bit!) election coverage and a movie I won't admit enjoying to fold laundry and cut up stamps (for project superstar) instead of posting in my shop. But I did start this morning!And I took advantage of having darling pots all over my bedroom/office to use them. Hello, Jordan almonds!

(this is my 100th post!)


nyjlm said...

Happy 100th post!
I'm very very intrigued by the teaser for project superstar and I'm eagerly awaiting more info!

Mindy said...

Cool. Did Marian draw the pictures to make those stamps? They are so cute!!!