Thursday, February 14, 2008

simply a matter of perspective

This year I tried to give a little twist on love: Of course "I love you!" but then a bit of "let's love a little more all 'round", too. This seemed like a better idea at the bookstore a couple of weeks ago, but now the tie is a little loose. I bought the girls New Testament activity books for the grown up parts of church where they try to sit still and be quiet ("Jesus taught us how to love" is my tie in...), and this really beautiful book called Weeds for N.N sometimes pretends he's a misanthrope, but I, lover of his heart, know it's just that people break his heart a little too much. The gorgeous, color-saturated photography in Weeds captures the beautiful in the ordinary. It is, as the author states, simply a matter of perspective.
I did fill heart tins with stickers & plastic rings & a red felted wool heart, plus buy a load of candles & a perfect rose: regular cheesy valentine stuff, but I like the sentiment of us seeing more a way to love.


Christine Xavier said...

I thought the weed book was very cool. And I also think you should know that Paul gave me the "Consider Love" book, and since I was driving to California with my Lacrosse team that day, I took the little book and read it to my team for Valentines Day.
Thanks so much!

vfg said...

all Sandra Boynton books are marvelous read-alouds, and I especially like this one. Probably because of this line: "love gently ecstatic".

See? Just marvelous!