Sunday, October 21, 2007

somebody sweet and sneaky

I have lots of purple petunia love to mail out tomorrow, and my duties include a rather belated birthday gift for somebody sweet and sneaky.

I thought this crafty owl and his hollow tree hideout might be just right.

I hope he agrees!

(the owl is a sewing stars pattern, from her woodlands booklet; the tree is my own design, stitched from a linen-backed wool felt at the children's hospital this week while I waited for my baby to get out of was a minor thing, but I'm just not happy until we're well home and breathing well. My favorite things about the tree: I embroidered it with these cool spools of wool and linen, leftover from a mill, that I bought at a street fair, and the little buttoned door.)

1 comment:

cfm said...

so darling...and zander loves it...wonderful and so creative as always---Valerie, you are amazing!!